Magnetic imaging equipment is useful for delineating subsurface ferrous metals, for some types of minerals exploration, and for geologic mapping.  Airborne tools provide wide-area coverage and increased scope of investigation. Applications include mining, resource development, contaminated site investigations, archaeology, void and well detection, and landfill delineation. Integrated GPS positioning and in-field navigation simplifies data collection and processing while promoting reliable data interpretation. 

Sensitive to ferrous metal: can detect a buried drum as deep as 20 feet below surface
Rapid surveys: can cover 2 acres per hour at 6 foot line spacing
Non-invasive and non-hazardous
Enhanced investigations: gradiometer configuration enhances discrimination of anomaly size and location


G-858 MagMapper

The Geometrics 858 MagMapper is commonly implemented for industrial and environmental surveys, for example looking for buried drums or other sources of potential contamination.  With the optional gradiometer configuration, the impacts of cultural noise are reduced, promoting greater sensitivity.  Readings can be obtained rapidly, and the unit is easily configured to be carried by a single operator.  Custom designing a grid survey for a particular site requirement is possible with the interactive console, and integrated GPS measurements are possible.  These advantages make remote operations in difficult terrain feasible.


Airborne Geophysical Surveys

In conjunction with our collaborators, Seibert & Associates, we offer helicopter aeromagnetic capabilities.  Working with EDCON-PRJ, a complete helicopter aeromagnetic system uses a towed-bird or stinger mounts and GeoMetrics Magnetometers and a Picoenvirotec AGIS System.  A GeoMetrics G-858 magnetometer provides a base-station monitor.  The system can be quickly installed in a variety of helicopters and mobilized world-wide.

The system is often in Alaska and available with a Robinson R44, MD500, Bell Jet Ranger or other suitable helicopter for rapid and economic mobilization to anywhere in the state.