Blasting, pile driving, and vibratory devices all constitute seismic sources.  The effects of these man-made events decrease with distance, but nonetheless must be monitored to prevent damage to infrastructure.  Seismic monitoring measures ground motion, velocity, and acceleration to demonstrate to clients and citizens that these impacts are below required regulatory thresholds during site activities.   Together with our partner company, Deep Earth Logic, we have twenty years of seismic monitoring expertise.  Our proprietary technology allows us to plan blasting strategies based on geology and drilling logs, explosives characteristics, and topographic and face profiles, to minimize ground motion.  Check out the i-Blast video here!

iblast capture.JPG


Deep Earth Logic, our partner for blasting and monitoring projects, has been able to leverage strategies and proprietary software to increase blast size while controlling vibration magnitude and duration.  Yes, it is possible to shoot a blast five times larger than normal and still have the neighbors think it's a "normal" shot!